Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Court of Existing Claims
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Since the institution of the "Email Docket Notice" process in December 2009, the Court provides notification by email of Batch Docket Notices and Individual Docket Notices to all parties with a Notice Email Address on file with the Court. The Court also sends "Court Ad Hoc Notices" by email to convey Court-related information, such as weather-related closures of the Court, Education Conference information, etc.

If you have an existing 'Notice Email Address' on file with the Court, and it has recently changed, requiring the need to update the email address, please use the following process to provide the new 'Notice Email Address' to the Docket Office of the Court.

Please fill out the following form:

* Indicates a required field. This Form will not be processed unless all required fields are filled and the information provided matches court records.

If you do NOT have an existing 'Notice Email Address' on file with the Court, and would like to receive notices by email, you must fill out the "Notice Regarding Use of Email for Court Notices" form by clicking here, and submit it to the Court by U.S. Mail to the address noted on the form.

Please consider establishing a "group" email address to receive Court Notices, which can be accessed by multiple users in your office who may assist you with the Docket Notice or Court Notice process.